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Education CRM Portal

FES CRM portal is used to automate and manage communications with prospective and current students and customers. Customer information, such as customer’s name, gender, educational background, telephone, email, marketing materials, social media and any other relevant information across different channels is compiled into a single database enabling easier information access, allowing to personalize and process a relevant inquiry in a timely manner.Every interaction with the “customer” is tracked by the CRM, all in one place.

FES CRM portal provides employees with the option to create cases, upload relevant information, search the knowledge base, and track cases to resolution. The CRM portal allows individuals to easily update the contact information of relevant cases, check their case histories. 

FES CRM portal system is workflow automation. The portal makes sure that you never forget to respond or follow up on an enquiry ever again. The system may be automated in such way that tasks are assigned to a relevant staff member automatically. For example, once the student requests a brochure, relevant department will be assigned a new task in the CRM database – to
send the brochure.

Tracking is yet another great feature that comes with FES CRM portal. It enables FES to track which website(s) a certain student used to find the company. This allows for smarter marketing budget planning, allocating resources to the most effective marketing campaigns.

It may also help at identifying trends which become feedback for marketing, admissions or other departments included in the process.CRM systems provide real-time numbers, data, and graphs that may be useful in decision making. For example, the CRM system is capable of showing an exact number of male/female students interested in, let us say, Malaysia. Additionally, you may track every aspect of a student lifecycle. For instance, where in the recruitment process a prospective student is lost.