SpeedBall Control: Speed Ball Handle

Another fun package for entertainment. Avoid as many hurdles as you can and beat your best score. Game offers two modes: Tap and Drag. Tap to change position of the ball and avoid hitting the hurdles. Drag to update position of the ball and make your way through the traffic cones. Easy and fun to play.

Hop Twist

Simply tap the screen to twist and hop to the next tile. Stay on the tiles for as long as possible and add to your score. Minimalistic design, simple and fun to play. Have endless free fun and beat your best score!

Kut Kut

Play the most exciting political game of this era. Swipe and hit politicians and characters! Keeping in mind the recent events of politicians being hit by a shoe in Pakistan. We have created this to shine a lighter tone on this event. Enjoy the fun by reliving the moment of hitting Pakistani politicians (Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Maulana Fazlur-Rehman and Asif Ali Zardari) in this game. Since the Panama Papers, political culture has taken a big turn around the globe and it has created havoc in Pakistan. We have taken upon ourselves to provide you people with entertainment in such thrilling and straining times.

Ninja RUN

Take a break and have fun with the most EXCITING Ninja Game on Play Store. Be a Ninja and collect as many "throwing stars" or Shurikens as you can. Its fun and entertaining.

Hive Rush

Tap to Switch and feel the Rush to the reach the top. The bee is far away from its hive and needs to reach the there safely, Hive Rush.

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